JULY 4th!

Happy Independence Day America!

Time to thank her for being the most fabulous country…ever!

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Meet Ya In the Summer!

Happy June everyone!

Wishing everyone longer nights and stress free days!

Keep it stylish all season long by rocking’ your Strut-This essentials!

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Stripes on Stripes

Stripes and I have this love hate relationship. I see them hanging in stores, or worn by cute girls are the street and I absolutely adore them. Then I get into the dressing room and I am always disappointed. Why is it that stripes look so much better on others than they do on me?

Well, what I finally decided is, one, it is mostly in our head…you do look good in stripes (most of the time) and two, it totally depends on the detail of the stripe. Are they thick or thin, horizontal or vertical? What color is the stripe against your skin tone? All the little details about the stripe are pretty crucial to whether or not you are going to actually go through with the purchase.

With our SS14 line, we used two different kinds of stripes, and designed them so many ways that you are bound to find something that fits your liking.

First off, our stripes are dark: grey and black to keep them as simple as possible. Second, our stripes are vertical so that we do not look any wider than we already feel. And finally, we placed cut and sew in many of the patterns so that the entire garment wasn’t overdone with stripes aka looking like a prison jumpsuit.

If you are feeling adventurous try the Louie in Stripe or the Shameless in Stripe. If you want to try something a little bit more subtle, check out the Charlie in Stripe or the Misfit with Stripe. Trust us, there are tons of choices to spicen up your workout wardrobe.

We are always trying to mix fashion and functionality into our fitness wear. The important thing is that you are always comfortable in the clothes that you are in. We try to do that, stripes or not.


Hope you like it!




We hope everyone is enjoying a fun and fancy holiday weekend! Wishing everyone a weekend of relaxation, barbecues, and lots of backyard beer!

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The Strut-This girls



Alas, the perfect top that has just the right amount of performance, and the perfect amount of comfort. The Fly Tank is our brand new addition to the SS14 collection. Made with our most yummy, cozy fabric, this tank top is a piece you will never want to take off.

Trust me, by summers end you will own every color combination it is available in.

The Fly Tank is cut low on the sides to either show a bit of side boob (how risqué) or to show off that cute sports bra that is currently hidden under your high neck gym shirts.

Anyway you style this tank, is right. Throw it on with your perfect matching workout outfit, or grab it on the go, we promise you won’t be disappointed.

Available now on our online shop. Check it out before they are gone!



As a lover of clothes and fashion, lace is probably one of my most favorite items. The more lace in the wardrobe, the better. Lace robes, Lace tops, lace underwear, lace bell bottoms, you name it and I probably own it.

So, with that in mind, in my eyes lace never goes out of style. And what better print to bring into the Strut-This line than my favorite of all favorites. Now, granted we couldn’t put delicate lace trim dangling off your workout tops, so we did our version of it.

Mixing lace with baby pinks for spring was the perfect way to make our lace into the dainty and flirty lace I know and love.

We incorporated it in the Hudson Capri and in the Yogi Top with no contrast color (unless it’s black, but that doesn’t count), that way these items can take your workout wardrobe right into fall.

If you are feeling adventurous, make sure to checkout the Misfit in Lace and the Bombshell Bra in lace. Both items are selling fast and won’t be here for too much longer!

Let us know what you think!