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Created by two mother daughter teams
Cynthia and Aubrey Sieder
Barbara and Raquel Lessner


When did you launch your clothing line Strut-This?
-We launched the line in the fall of 2011, so we are just one year old!
How did you come up with the idea of starting your own clothing line?
-We are a mother/daughter company. Our vision began years ago when Aubrey and Cynthia became obsessed with fitness! From there, we found ourselves going from exercise classes to everyday activities in our grungy and unflattering gear. So we decided it was a perfect opportunity to start a fashionable, flattering and affordable fitness wear line that would work for both mom and daughter.

Can you tell us a litte bit about Strut-This?
-Strut-This is a fun fitness wear line that wholeheartedly believes in empowering women of all ages to feel confident and look good while working out. Our company is an affordable workout line that is designed to fit an array of different body shapes and sizes. We have design expertise from both mom and daughter so that we can cater to a large demographic. Our line is sweat-absorbent and practical for both everyday workout and everyday errands and class! Who says you can’t look good before, during and after your workout?

Where do you see your business in 3 years?
-Ideally we would love to see our business expand across the country and into Canada and Europe. We are in some boutiques and gyms but would love to one day have a storefront of our own!

Can you get Strut-This in Canada?
-Currently our website is not set up for Canada shipping. However we do make personal shipments to Canada and have done that successfully a few times!

I love the style of Strut-This!  How do you come up with your Designs?
-We sit for hours brainstorming across a big conference table where we take old designs and tweak them into something more modern, hip and fashion forward. We look at street style of everyday clothing and apply it to our fitness wear. We have design visions from both mother and daughter and try to make our line as feminine and chic as possible. We also take feedback and tips from friends and loyal customers!

Which Design/Product are you most proud of?
-I think we are most proud of the jacket that is our new piece for fall/winter 2012. We are picking it up tomorrow, and we think it will be a huge hit for our Strut-This fans!

What is your best seller?
-Our best selling capris are the Hudson, Aubrey and Raqy. Each one has a different rise/style that women love. The Aubrey is a bit higher wasted, while the Raqy is more girly and feminine, and the Hudson is our overall number one capri!

What is your newest product?
-Our newest product will be our jacket and ankle pant called the Shameless. Stay tuned more coming in the next few months!

What have been some of your challenges starting up a business?
-As far as challenges go, starting your own business is a challenge in itself. We have started our business from the ground up and have our hands in all aspects- from design, to marketing, to celebrity gifting, promotions, website design, sales etc. The biggest challenge is finding a balance and devoting time to all aspects of a business, because it seems like there never are enough hours in the day!

What advice would you give to an Entrepreneur?
-We would tell anyone that if you have a vision that you wholeheartedly believe in, go for it and see it through! The worst thing that can happen is that you have to tweak your plan or idea to cater to a large audience. We strongly believe in getting your idea out there and show casing something that people would love!

I noticed many Celebrities are wearing your clothing line.  If you could pick any celebrity to wear Strut-This who would it be?
-We are honored that any celebrity is wearing our line and are beyond grateful for their interest. It would be amazing to see Beyonce, Nicole Richie, Kate Hudson, and Jennifer Lopez!

Do you foresee opening up a Strut-This Store in Canada?
-Ideally, yes. We will most likely start with a storefront in the US and soon after move over to Canada.

Can you tell us who (Hudson) is?  Your beloved mascot!
-Hudson is our mascot who was born when our company went from an idea to an actual business. He is our 1-year old French bulldog who is the most adorable and friendly guy! He accompanies us on all of our meetings and events, and even gives us his style input!

Where can you get Strut-This products?
-Strut-This can be bought online at or through a personal order by contacting us at

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