How to guide to staying fit for the holidays? – StrutThis

Happy holidays, everyone!  We have so much to be thankful for this year, especially our Strut-This pants for keeping us looking adorable at the Turkey Trot and eliminating any pant buttoning during the meal that followed!  While we may have made it through the ultimate cheat-day of the year, the holiday season has just started and the diet-detrimental cocktail parties have only just begun!  So we’ve made our how-to guide to staying fit during the holidays so you can eat, drink, and still be merry when swimsuit shopping in the spring!

1. It’s okay to cheat (on your diet, not your boyfriend)- We could list all of the healthy eating tips in the world but we know one whiff of mom’s pecan pie would throw all of those out the window.  So instead, we say be picky!  We know that a family holiday recipe can be impossible to resist, so go for it!  But the tray of store-bought cookies put out after dinner?  Skip ‘em and save those calories.  Ask yourself if the food is worth adding an extra 20 minutes to your cardio routine to burn off- and then follow through so you can indulge without the guilt.

2. Don’t get pressured- It can be hard listening to that healthy little voice inside your head when Aunt Shelly insists you try her casserole (and proceeds to insist on serving seconds), but does Aunt Shelly have to be in a bikini on the beach in Cabo for spring break?  It’s very unlikely, though awesome if she does. Coming up with a little white lie (“I’d love to but this is my third holiday party today and I’m stuffed!”) won’t hurt anyone and she may at least settle with you taking one bite, which, as we said in tip #1, is a-okay!

3. Plan ahead- Just because your work’s holiday party may have a veggie tray doesn’t mean anyone’s going to get near it.  And those little finger foods can have a big impact on your waistline!  Before going to a party, have a healthy and filling snack or meal.  Mix a high fiber food with a source of protein- apple slices with peanut butter is our go-to!  This will at least fill you up long enough so that the untouched veggie tray is your only option left by the time you’re hungry again!

4. Sweat through the cold!- As tempting as it is to hibernate inside all winter, that’s not going to get you a New Year’s Eve date- or help you squeeze into a dress for it!  Even in snowy climates, a few extra layers (of Strut-This!) may be all you need to stick to your exercise routine.  So, rather than sitting around on the couch with relatives watching It’s A Wonderful Life for the 100th time, ask them to go on a walk with you to catch up.  And if you’re finding it impossible to put down the hot coco and brave the outdoors, do something on your feet inside like helping your mom decorate your Christmas tree or finally cleaning out your closet.  Every little bit helps and maybe you’ll finally find that favorite top you insisted your sister stole years ago.

5. Be giving- Thanks to our new best friend, Pinterest, even the most baking-skill-deficient people are becoming quite the domestic divas.  So how do we learn how to make our soufflé’s rise while keeping our BMI’s low?  Learn to part with your baked goods and give them away to friends, neighbors, or even the mailman.  Giving away homemade treats will not only make you everyone’s favorite person, but will also save you money and calories!