Struttin Into The New Year – StrutThis

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Happy New Year, everybody!  We love the idea of getting a fresh start with New Year resolutions after a month of cocktail parties and holiday cookies.  Before we “Strut” into 2013, however, we think it’s important to look back at everything accomplished over the last year!

2012 was quite the year for Strut-This!  We got our website up and running, branched into new clothing categories (our first jacket, The Lively, is already a huge hit!), snagged some big-name celebrity Strut-This fans, and moved our manufacturing from Brazil to our beloved Los Angeles!   Having done so much in one year, we can’t wait to see what 2013 holds for us- and for all of you!

Resolutions are a great way to jump-start your New Year and work at being your best you, but the lull in motivation around February when something (oh, say, LIFE!) gets in the way of your goal can lead to self-doubt and disappointment.  With weight loss being one of the most common resolutions year after year, we’ve come up with some healthy guidelines so you can stick with your resolution all year long- and be able to try out a new resolution next year!

• Don’t simply resolve to lose weight, or you’ll lose your mind! – Losing weight is an easy, go-to resolution for so many people each year (we have been guilty, five years in a row!), but weight loss alone can lead to unhealthy habits and unattainable expectations. Instead, resolve to doing an extra workout a week, taking the stairs at work, or bypassing the desert table for a bowl of berries.  Weight loss will be an added “plus” to your healthier lifestyle and will leave you not only looking great on the outside, but feeling great on the inside as well.

• Hold yourself accountable- First, jot down exactly how you plan to follow through with your resolution (we recommend sticky notes on the bathroom mirror so you can read over them while brushing your teeth). Then, tell your friends and family about your resolution- they may have some great ideas to help you along.  Knowing people are counting on you- and praising you- will make you more likely to stick to your resolution and will only make it that much more rewarding when you follow through!

• Buddy up!- Make the same resolution with a group of friends and reach your goal together.  Jogging or taking a fitness class with friends will push you further and give you time to chat so your resolution enhances, rather than encroaches, on your social life!  And knowing that someone is counting on you to show up will make you less likely to hit the snooze button (at least more than once!).

• Take baby steps- Running an extra lap around the track may not seem like much at the time, but when done throughout an entire year, you’re chalking up tons of extra miles run!  It’s easy to be drastic with resolutions in an attempt to see their effects by bikini season, but for a long-term change, slow and steady wins the race!

• Give yourself incentives along the way- Buy yourself one or two new Strut-This workout outfits to initially get you motivated, but continue treating yourself as you progress.  Set mini-goals, like being able to do 10 push-ups, and reward yourself once you reach those goals with something fitness-related (not ice-cream or you’ll undo all your hard work!) to push you further.  Set aside the money, or give it to someone to hold onto if you don’t trust yourself, for the rewards at the beginning and don’t touch it until you complete your goals!

• Make new resolutions throughout the year- Sticking to a diet or workout change for more than a week can seem nearly impossible, so sticking to something for an entire year?  Forget about it!  Instead of making a few resolutions at the beginning of the year, make them periodically throughout the year and adjust them based on your schedule or the weather- especially if you don’t have California’s 70-degree climate year-round!

No matter what your resolutions are or how long you stick with them, some effort is better than no effort!  At Strut-This, we love empowering women to be their best selves by keeping them stylish and self-confident and cannot wait to see what 2013 holds for us!  Keep Struttin’!