The Importance of Good Assets – StrutThis

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Are you the kind of person who works out to look good or looks good to work out? It’s okay if you’re a little bit of both.

Sure, we work out to look and feel our best, but sometimes looking good while we’re working out matters, too. When you look good, you feel good, and when you feel good, your workouts are more effective and productive.

Take Saturday morning yoga for instance.

There’s that cute guy who’s always in the same class you’re in. Word around the gym is he’s single. It can’t hurt to have your assets look great when you’re bending and breathing and getting all blissed-out in the studio. Looking your best might just give you the confidence to finally say hi. Bonus if you ask him out for coffee. Double bonus if he says yes.

Then there’s the group fitness class. Maybe it’s core or cycle. Maybe it’s just aerobics. But it’s full of women you think might judge you. Our minds are our worst enemies sometimes, so give your mind one less thing to worry about and slide into your“>Strut-This pants to give yourself a boost. Just so you know? They’re totally not judging you! They might be totally jealous of your awesome attire, though.

But what if it’s your after-work workout? You’ve had a long day and you’re tired. There you are on the elliptical. The incline just increased again. You’ve got 20 minutes to go. You feel like giving up. And then, in one of the mirrors that are everywhere, you catch a glimpse of your derriere. It looks…awesome. You look awesome.

Suddenly, you feel a surge of motivation. 20 minutes? You’ve got this! You finish those last 20 minutes with a smile on your face and a rush of endorphins in your system.

Today, the elliptical! Tomorrow, the world!

Whatever the situation,“>Strut-This is there to make sure you look and feel your best!