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Do you dread going to the gym? Does your aerobic instructor do the same routine with the same music? The problem you may be facing is more than just boredom. Repeating the same workout routines over and over is a definite way to STOP getting results. It’s in our nature to stick to things we’re familiar with and good at. But when it comes to our workouts, mixing it up is the ONLY way to keep making progress and notice positive changes in your body!

A general rule to follow is to switch up your routine every 8 weeks. The good news is that it is SPRING! Which means that you can take your workout outside and enjoy the glorious weather. If you are consistently doing classes inside of a gym, take one day a week and go for a walk or jog in a neighborhood park. Make it fun and bring your pooch or your girlfriend to motivate you. Definitely download a new playlist for your workouts right now we are loving “I Don’t Care, I Love It” by Icona Pop, oh the start of an amazing spring playlist! Another simple change is to just switch up the timing of it all. Reorganize the days and times you take your fitness classes, maybe choose a different instructor, or push yourself to pick up the heavier dumbbell this week.

Another great way to pick up a boring workout routine is by changing your fitness gear and gadgets. There are countless running apps for your Iphone and android device, like Runkeeper that keep you motivated and working hard at the gym. Keeping track of your calories burned and creating team members is a fun way to stay hands on during your workout. Another addicting gadget to use is a heart rate monitor.  These are easy to get your hands on. Your local sporting goods store will definitely be able to accommodate you. And now you won’t be able to cheat through any workuts because you’ll see exactly how hard your heart is really working, and to see how many calories you burn during a workout. Talk about motivation, huh. The best thing to do is just go, get started, and GET SWEATY! Your body is not going to get bikini ready on its own!

Finally, something we can help you out with is with a cute, bright new fitness wear outfit to show off at the gym. DRESS UP YOUR WORKOUT with Strut-This! Everyone knows that a new outfit is sometimes just the change you need to get yourself motivated and on the right track! And that is where we come in with our new summer collection you won’t be able to get enough of! XOXO