5 Workouts Moms Love – StrutThis

Moms love those little bundles of joy who bring so much happiness (and sleepless nights) to their lives, but their bodies just don’t feel the same after their arrival, even after they lose all their baby weight.

Feeling good about your body is important, so we’ve got a list of workouts moms love that will have them feeling great in no time! So if you’re a mom, have an active mom or know someone who is a mom…we’ve got them covered! And some of them even include their child so while they’re working out, they’re teaching healthy habits, too. Win-win!

Here is our list of 5 fun workouts that moms are guaranteed to love:

1. Yoga: There’s no doubt about it. Being a mom can be stressful. That’s why there’s yoga. A Vinyasa yoga class can burn up to 600 calories in just one hour. Yoga helps us find our center while strengthening and lengthening our muscles and increasing our flexibility. Get together with a group of friends and hit up the local yoga studio for a regular class. You’ll get in a stress reliever and exercise in one outing.

2. Pilates: If you’ve tried yoga and enjoyed it, give pilates a chance. Pilates focuses on developing a strong core and increasing stability. Pilates, due to the focus required to correctly execute the poses, has been known to increase concentration in people’s daily lives. At the intermediate level, an hour of pilates burns 480 calories.

3. Walking: The temperatures are finally warming up and if you are just getting back into exercise, try walking. Just have a baby or know someone who did? Use that amazing stroller that the office chipped in for just sitting in your closet. Why not put it to use and take your baby for a stroll around the block? The change of scenery will do you and baby good! A brisk walk, while pushing a stroller, will burn between 200 and 400 calories and you’ll get some fresh air.

4. Jogging: Jogging, with or without a stroller, is a great way to get in some exercise while also getting outside. Crank up some music on your iPod and hit the pavement. You’ll burn approximately 550 calories in the process!
Bonus: Combine 3 and 4 and do intervals! Run for 60 seconds, then walk for 60 seconds, then run, then walk. Set a goal time for running and walking that you want to reach! The intervals will keep your routine interesting.

5. Take a Hike! Hit the trails and take a hike. Go with friends, family or even bring your baby. Wearing your baby in a soft-structured or structured carrier, like the Onya Baby or Kelty backpack, lets you take baby on an adventure. The added weight of wearing your baby will increase your resistance and enhance your hike. Depending on the weight of your baby and the terrain, you could burn between 290 and 650 calories while hiking.
Working out doesn’t have to mean hitting the elliptical to get your cardio. And becoming a mom doesn’t mean never working out again. Taking your tot along for the ride means she’ll learn some lifelong habits and you’ll both be healthier for it! The nice thing about Strut-This is that it really is one size fits all. So moms, feel free to browse our entire line, and dress up your NEW workout!