Farmers Market Finds! – StrutThis

Well, there are few words needed for this one, other than sharing one of our favorite weekend activities: strolling through the Farmers Markets. Whether we decide to start our Saturday morning off with a workout, coffee in hand and then head to shop for local produce, or decide to snooze the alarm clock and then mosey our way on over, we LOVE picking through fresh and delicious treats.

Almost all Farmers Markets will have an array of produce and protein—more than you even know what to do with! Unlike your grocery runs where we all memorize what products are in each aisle, our weekends find us discovering delicacies and exotic treats that are both nutritious and healthy!

The street scene is fun and charming too! Every weekend we pick up new inspiration for our home-cooked meals!

Between the exciting eats, the great energy and the affordable prices, everyone should be spending some of their summer enjoying the seasons yummy treats!