Rebranded Hangtags – StrutThis



As many of you know, we started Strut-This on a whim, and originally as a hobby. Creating a fitness wear line that both mom and daughter could be a part of seemed like an amazing adventure. But now that we have been in business for two years, we decided that it was time to revamp our branding strategy. This Fall we are debuting our most sophisticated and fashion-forward collection to date. So, there could not have been a better time to redesign our hangtags, and if you’ve noticed, our website doesn’t look too bad either.

While hangtags to some people are a piece of trash stuck on a brand new garment, at Strut-This we have an entirely different meaning for these bad boys. Our newly designed hangtag, courtesy of our friend and fellow Blogger, Kaylynn Sheets, expresses a creativity flair, a sophisticated spin, a chic twist, a feminine vibe, an expensive aesthetic, and a cool, fun feel…basically everything a Strut-This girl should be.

With our Holiday line launching now, we are so excited to share these tags with you. And hopefully, when you get them in your hands, you’ll understand exactly why we’re obsessing over them.