Staying Fit Through The Holidays! – StrutThis

Are you worried about your weight this holiday season? I mean, isn’t it always our main concern and just heightened during the holiday season? With so many yummy foods around and too many holiday parties to keep track of, squeezing in time for the gym can be challenging, and saying NO to extra treats and booze is just not happening!

According to a study the Calorie Control Council administered, their research showed that the average American gains between three to five pounds during the holidays. While this may not seem like a lot, this weight is typically put on after a single day!
Looking your best this holiday season doesn’t necessarily require hours at the gym. So, were helping you out by reminding you of 5 ways you can exercise outside of the gym this season while still fitting into your daily routine!

Hike with your family and friends: Southern California is the home to numerous hiking trails.

Research the trail online to see if it matches the level of difficulty you are looking for! If not, you can always take a stroll around the many parks located in your area.

Pick up a game of football, basketball, soccer or tennis: With family in town, it’s great to get as many people involved in your workout as possible. Create a game of your own on your front lawn, backyard or the nearest park! Not only will you be working out, but you’ll also be creating memories.

Do small exercises while watching television: Don’t skip through the commercials this year! Instead, rotate between sit-ups, push-ups, and lunges until your favorite show comes back on. The last thing you’ll be called is a couch potato!

Walk laps around the mall: Holiday shopping can consume so much time. Get to the mall an hour before it opens and walk briskly around. Working out won’t seem as bad when you’re window shopping!

Complete a workout DVD: Do you find yourself with a half hour or maybe an hour to spare? Clear some room for yourself and pop in a workout DVD! There are so many inexpensive workout videos available for you to buy. They’re perfect when you just can’t leave the stove to go to the gym!

These are attainable, right? Don’t forget to workout in style this year! Follow us on Facebook to stay updated on our newest styles and fitness tips! We wish you all a healthy and happy holiday season!