We are so excited about our Equinox partnership through the holiday season. For the next two weeks we will be in 18 Equinox storefront locations across the country! So now you can shop, try on, and purchase Strut-This in person in the below cities. Thank you to Equinox for working with us and helping us spread the holiday love. Make sure to pick up a pair as either a holiday gift to the one you love, or a piece for yourself to motivate you through the New Year. Because seriously, it is always a good time to purchase a new fitness apparel outfit. Shop Strut-This in West Hollywood, Irvine, Newport Beach, Pacific Palisades, West LA, South Bay, San Mateo, Westwood, 19th Street, 85th Street, 92nd Street, Printing House, Brooklyn Heights, Preston Hollow, Highland Park, Dartmouth, N. Michigan, & Coral Gables)X