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Was it your New Year’s resolution to eat healthier for 2014? Trust us, we know it can be much easier said than done! I broke my resolution a few days in, but hey at least I lasted a few days! With that said, here at Strut-This we are determined to help make the lives of not only our customers, but the rest of America, happier and healthier. Here are some simple tips to keeping your resolution, or just your lifestyle, on track!

1. Pack a lunch: Not only does packing your own lunch help to monitor the calories that you will be consuming, but you can save at least $1,500 in one year by preparing meals on your own! A simple sandwich, grilled chicken or salmon can be easily prepared the night before your busy workday. Making your own meals ensures that only quality ingredients will be contained in each bite of food you take (and it helps to avoid temptations)!

2.  Take a morning walk: We know waking up in the mornings can be a challenge, but even a half an hour walk around your neighborhood can make a difference. A healthy mind can also lead to a healthy body. Take this morning down time to prepare your body and your mind for the days events! Kill two birds with one stone, and grab your pooch and make him or her join you!

3.  Drink water: Water, as most of us know, is essential to help our body function to its fullest potential. Our bodies are composed of about 60 percent water! Water helps to maintain digestion, absorption, circulation, creation of saliva, transportation of nutrients and a steady body temperature. Substituting water for higher calories drinks will only help in your overall weight loss journey.  And honestly, sipping water throughout the day keeps you full, and may help you avoid running into the pantry!

4.  Make realistic goals: On average, it is best to lose between 1 to 2 pounds each week. Expecting to lose several pounds on a weekly basis is not only unhealthy, but it’s unrealistic. Consult a doctor if you’re interested in finding a healthy calorie intake for each day to keep your weight loss journey healthy!

Strut your way to a NEW you by following our helpful tips on twitter and sharing with us some of your own! Don’t make crazy resolutions that are impractical, change your lifestyle and take baby steps! We’ll help you along the way.