We see the commercials, we read about the different workout plans, we even pay the start-up fees, but are you really using that brand new gym membership? If not, keep reading! We’re here to help get you back on the jumpstart that you need!

We love doing things in groups! Why not head off to the gym with your closest gal pals? Time catching up over coffee, lunch or dinner can easily be done while walking on the treadmill or working it out on the elliptical. Even if you’re new to the gym, you must know that friend or two that is a gym guru! Partner up with friends who know the gym better than you so that you can pick up on helpful tips and new exercises!

Maybe your friend can’t make it to the gym today. Does that mean you skip your workout? No way! Find a class offered by your gym. Most gyms include spinning, cardio kickboxing, zumba and yoga classes. Taking a one hour class is a great way to fulfill your workout for the day while having fun and sweating it out with a group of people in the same position as you!

Are you more private during your workouts? Hiring a personal trainer can be costly, but worth the price for the results! Training sessions can run anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour. They are perfect if you have never joined a gym and need some guidance (and motivation) getting the most out of the equipment provided to you. A personal trainer can also assist in setting up meal plans to ensure that you are getting results not only in the gym, but outside of the gym as well.

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