All you need is love, or so they say you do. Anyways, welcome to the lovely month of February, the month people long for all year long, or alternatively miserably dread every time it comes around. If you have a significant other well it’s a fabulous excuse to inhale way too much chocolate and bubbly champagne. And if you do not have a significant other to share the glorious day of February 14th with, well then it tends to be a dreary, miserable, self pitying day for most.

Well February can be an awesome month for everyone. We have made it thought January– typically a month of crazy diets and monetary budgets (after the holiday craze). And now we are moving fast gear into spring, a huge welcome to our friends struggling on the east coast!

But this month we want to share the LOVE that is associated with February, with all of you—boyfriend, or not.

February is about loving all things in your life, and each week we want to focus on that. So, no more self pitying if you don’t have a date on February 14th.

Week 1 is all about loving your best friend. Week 2 is about your significant other. Week 3 is about the love and bond you share with family. And week 4, my personal favorite, is about loving yourself! At the end of the day, valentines dates come and go, so don’t forget about YOU and the knockout person that you are!

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Lots of love!