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It’s no secret that relationships take work, and so does staying healthy. So finding the time to give your abs and your significant other the proper amount of attention can be tricky. Luckily for you, we’ve got a few tips on how you and your other half can kill two birds with one stone!

1) Be flexible with your routine. You don’t have to work out together every day, but taking one or two days a week to do something that he or she wants to do will not throw off your progress, as long as you’re still active! Remember, compromising is key to any relationship.

2) Pick FUN activities. Riding bikes through town or hitting the trails for a hike will feel like fun instead of hard work! Plus, hiking can be a great date activity since you’ll likely still be able to carry on a conversation.

3) Understand that no two bodies are the same. Just because your boyfriend is an exceptionally fast runner, doesn’t mean you have to hurt yourself trying to keep up. If he wants to run, maybe hop on the treadmills for awhile. You can stay together at different paces!

4) Teach each other something. Are you a yoga veteran? Let your man tag along to a beginners class with you one day. Is he always playing racquetball with the guys? Ask him to show you how. Learning something new together like this can strengthen your relationship and your muscles!

5) Encourage one another. Make sure to tell your significant other that you can tell a difference in their abs or that his last mile seemed a lot easier than it did two weeks ago. Everyone loves to hear that their hard work is paying off, and words of support can bring you closer together.

Do you have other tips on keeping your relationship alive and getting your heart pumping at the same time? Tell us about them!