We all know that it’s almost always more fun, and even more effective to exercise with a partner or trainer. And sure, it’s easy to get motivated to workout with your girlfriends, especially when morning coffee is your post workout activity! Unfortunately finding that workout buddy is not always possible. To combat your lonely workout days, we’ve put together a little list of ways to improve your solo workout.

1) Make a SCHEDULE! When your workout becomes part of your daily routine, it’s so much easier to stay on track. Put it on your calendar just like you would a doctor’s appointment and you aren’t likely to skip it.

2) Pop in your earbuds. Having a great playlist can really help motivate you to keep going,and simultaneously distract you from the chaos around you. Some people even like to listen to audiobooks while they run or cycle. If the book is good, you may even end up extending your workout, and learn a thing or two!

3) Make yoga your new favorite activity. For some people, working out alone can be cathartic, like therapy. Trying something like meditative yoga can help you focus on your inner self just as much as your physical body.

4) Reward yourself! And we don’t mean with a candy bar! Setting goals and rewards can give you something to work towards. Think about gifting yourself a new pair of running shoes for not skipping a workout all month. Or maybe you need that new Strut-This jacket as a reward for reaching your goal weight! Just a thought ladies…

Whatever you do, all that really matters is that you are DOING it! You’ll only regret the workouts that you didn’t do!