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To all of our Strut This babes,


Mothers Day is one of the most important days of the year for us. Being a mother-daughter led team, everything we do comes from the closeness we have as a family. Every design we make, photoshoot we execute, and collection we launch is co-created by the mothers and daughters that make up the Strut This team, and these are relationships that we constantly draw inspiration from.


We want to take this week to dedicate our focus to just that: the mother-daughter, mother-mother, and mother-grandmother relationships that are the reason we started Strut This. This week we will be featuring Founders Favorites from all of the women that make up our team and giving you a closer look into our day to day that pieces together everything we make for you. We hope you see that the love we have for each other is why we do what we do. There is no relationship quite like a mother and her girls, and there never goes a day that we aren't grateful for ours.




Cynthia, Aubrey, and Raquel

Strut This Founders