Strut-This is more than just your average brand. Strut-This is a fun fitness wear line that wholeheartedly believes in empowering women of all ages to feel confident and look good while working out.

Strut-This was started in the summer of 2011 by two mother-daughter teams. Cynthia and Aubrey Sieder who are located in Los Angeles, California, and Barbra and Raquel Lessner who reside in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Two coasts, four people, one vision.

Our vision began years ago when Aubrey and Cynthia became obsessed with fitness! Being health and body conscious was a foundation the girls grew up with. Eating right and exercising was a norm in the Sieder household, and little did we know at the time, but this principle bonded the pair. There were days that were so hectic that we rarely got to spend time together, but our morning or afternoon workout (sometimes both if we could squeeze it in), was our one- hour of peace that we could share together. From there, it turned into weekend rituals, which later started our weekly coffee dates. Some weekends we would sit at our local Starbucks and take in the glamorous California weather people watching and catching up on the weeks gossip, TV shows, dinner plans, and gushing about our beloved French bulldogs.

This idea of going from a workout, to running errands and engaging in both practical and daily activities, without the fear of being caught in grungy and un-flattering workout apparel got our wheels turning. How could we start an affordable workout line that would serve those looking for cute yoga clothes, and those looking for sweat-absorbent and practical exercise outfits? Both Raquel and Aubrey are best friends, but both girls are attached at the hip to their beloved moms. With college approaching and separation anxiety between the duos in full effect, what better way to stay together and connected then create a vision all four of us are so passionate about.

We wanted to create a brand of quality workout clothing that everyday women could wear to the gym, on their coffee dates, to the grocery store, or to a class lecture. Our dream was to reach bright-eyed teenagers, working moms, and fit grandmas all who share this same ideal.

Thus, Strut-This was born. What started off as something as simple as designing the perfect workout capri/pant, turned into a fashion forward, flattering, and affordable line of workout apparel!

Strut-This is still in its infancy. We are evolving every season and improving our brand every day. We take pride in the products we share with you, and welcome any ideas, critiques, and constructive criticism our fans offer. Within such a short amount of time we have created a loyal fan base who live in there Strut-This gear. Don’t let the fitness aspect fool you, Strut-This fans love to dance, cheer, lounge, and “Strut Their Stuff” all day long in our fitness wear, and boy do they look good doing it!

So, jump on the bandwagon, here’s to looking good, feeling confident, and dressing up your workout!


The Strut-This team

Cynthia and Aubrey & Barbra and Raquel