Global Greengrants x Strut This

Global Greengrants x Strut This Partnership

It's not just Earth Day to us, it's Earth Week. And we want to make a difference.

Introducing our partnership with Global Greengrants Fund. From April 18th - April 24th, we will be donating a portion of all sales to Global Greengrants and focusing solely on providing you more information on how you can help heal our planet.

Since 1993, Global Greengrants Fund has mobilized resources for communities worldwide to protect our shared planet and work toward a more equitable world. 

Global Greengrants supports grassroots environmental groups, with a particular emphasis on projects led by Indigenous Peoples, women, and youth. Beyond the significant local impacts of the projects that we fund, we see the most important aspect of our grantmaking as building and strengthening movements for environmental and social justice. 

Stay tuned with us all week to learn more about women's role in envrionmental justice and how you can make a difference to help fight climate change!

Learn more about Global Greengrants here.