What is the ST Babe Club?

The ST Babe Club is our free United States loyalty program that gives you different ways to earn rewards. Earn points for every dollar you spend, share your special referral code with your friends, get special birthday gifts, and more. With extensive ways to earn rewards, it's the easiest (and best) rewards program in the game. 

How do I join the ST Babe Club?

All you have to do is create an account online, simply adding your name and email address on our account registration page (See Here). The program is free to join and no matter how much you spend, you can earn rewards right away. So really, there's no excuse...get going and start saving.

What benefits do ST Babe Club members get?

The benefits of the ST Babe Club vary depending on how much you interact with the program and how much you spend. ST Babe members receive a birthday gift (every year, nonetheless), early access to new collections, referral incentives for friends, and much more. For every 100 ST Babe Points you earn, you get a special code for $5 off your next order.

How do I earn ST Babe Rewards?

ST Babe Reward points are given in a variety of ways. Signing up, leaving product reviews, following us on Instagram and more are just a few ways you can earn rewards. See the ST Babe widget on the bottom left of your screen and click "ways to earn" to see more ways to save.

What happens when I return or cancel my order?

Upon the return or cancellation of an item or order, the spend amount will be deducted from your account.

How do I redeem my ST Babe Reward Points?
Do my ST Babe Reward Points expire?

Currently, they do not. You can use your ST Babe Points whenever you'd like.

When will I receive my birthday gift?

All ST Babe Rewards members will be notified via email when they're birthday gift arrives. Please note, you must update your birthday 30 days prior to your birthday, or your gift will come the following year. Instructions on how to redeem will be provided in the email.

Want to become an ST Babe?