The Flare Pant We Can't Keep in Stock: Meet The Beau

May 05, 2022
The Flare Pant We Can't Keep in Stock: Meet The Beau
When we first launched The Beau, we were of course excited about it with how much flare yoga pants are coming back in style, but we never expected it to be the bestseller that it is now. After six (yup, six) sellouts and recuts and 5 new colors, The Beau is now easily one of the most popular pieces we've ever created in 10 years. And the craziest part is....we still can't keep it in stock! 

The only way to guarantee getting the size you want of The Beau is to pre-order, and even then it's hard to get a hold of. It's been fascinating to see that even when we add additional stock to a pre-order to add to our site, it's gone in a flash. But after months now of The Beau being part of the Strut This lineup, we get it! Not only is the flare pant so trendy, everybody is making one, and ours is one of the best priced options. With a slit side detail and being made in our popular Strut Core fabric, it's no wonder why this pant is getting rave reviews. Customers love The Beau for its incredible fit and ability to contour every inch. But don't just take our word for it, check out our site to see why The Beau only gets 5-star reviews.
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