We Got a Site Facelift & We're Celebrating

March 28, 2018
We Got a Site Facelift & We're Celebrating

We've updated our site...yay!

While it may not be exciting to most, we think it'll make your digital experience on Strut This so much better. Our goal was to create a super intuitive, user-friendly experience that also made you feel apart of the Strut This brand.

We also wanted to make it much easier to navigate through the site. Now, you can use the SEARCH FUNCTION to find products that you're looking for much easier. Say goodbye to frustrating search titles that never get you the product you're looking for. You can now use the QUICK SHOP and MINI CART function, so you can quickly put those leggings you've been dying to get in your cart, and go right back to scrolling for the matching sports bra without leaving the screen. We've also added the option of leaving REVIEWS! We're really excited about this - good or bad, we want to hear your thoughts on the product. 

There's little touches that we won't bore you with now, but just know, we did this for you. We want to make sure you have the best experience with Strut This through and through.

Leave a comment and tell us what you think and how we can continue to improve the site even more.


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Love the new site!