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May 31, 2018
Recipe of the Month


We‘ve all seen them. Every restaurant in America has jumped on the avocado toast train & guess what, we‘ve found the secret. No fluff, no dandelion greens or pretty flowers - simple ingredients done right. We‘ve perfected the simplicity of the avocado toast. A great piece of toasted wheat bread (pick your favorite, but make sure it‘s fresh), avocado, lemon, chili flake (if you want to heat things up a bit), cilantro to garnish and a heavy helping of salt and pepper. That‘s it. Trust us.


+ 2 fresh slices of your favorite wheat bread

+ 1 ripe avocado

+ 1/2 lemon

+ Chili flake

+ Cilantro (garnish)

+ Salt/Pepper to taste

Gently toast bread. You want the bread to be crunchy on the outside, while still warm and soft on the inside. In a bowl, mash one avocado. with the juice from the lemon. Add salt and pepper to taste. PRO TIP: Do NOT overmix your avocado. Gently dollop avocado mix on toasted bread. Finish with chili flake + cilantro to taste. PRO TIP: With the 1/2 lemon left over, cut paper thin slices of fresh lemon and add on top of toast to finish.

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